Milkcal - AD3 Plus

Milkcal - AD3 Plus

Milkcal - AD3 Plus is a unique blend of Calcium and Phosphorus along with vitamin A, vitamin D3 and vitamin B12. The Calcium in Milkcal - AD3 Plus is provided with intrinsic factors along with epithelium maintaining vitamins so that efficient absorption occurs. Milkcal - AD3 Plus is the only calcium supplement for livestock with vitamin A and best bioavailability. 


  • Treats and prevents parturient paresis (hypocalcaemia/milk fever) in cattle.
  • Supplies calcium to meet deficiency conditions.
  • Improves milk yield in lactating animals.
  • Treats and prevents Osteomalacia , Stunted growth , Anaemia & Pica.
  • Treats & prevents dermatological disorders.

Dosage :

  • Cattle : 80-100 ml daily
  • Calves/sheep/goat : 20-40 ml daily


Or as per the directions of the nutritionist

Presentation : 500ml & 1 litr. HDPE Bottle.