Immucare is a combination of nutrients and vitamins along with active ingredients which modify the immune responses and strengthens the innate immunity. Immucare promotes proliferation of lymphocytes and macrophages. Immucare improves immune competence by increasing WBC count, macrophage count, bone marrow cellularity, antibody production, macrophage chemotaxis, NK cell activity.

  • To maintain strong body defences and optimum immune functioning in challenging farm conditions.
  • For maintaining health, livability and production at optimum levels.
  • To facilitate transfer of optimum maternal immunity from mother animals to the new born animals for their better health and livability.
  • For optimum response to vaccination programs for longer staying and higher antibody titres.

Dosage :

  • Powder
    • Large animals : 60 g twice daily
    • Small animals : 30 g twice daily
  • Liquid
    • Large animals : 40-50 ml daily
    • Small animals : 15-20 ml daily Or as per the directions of the veterinarian.
    • Chicks : 5 ml /day
    • Growers : 10 ml /day
    • Broilers & layers : 20 ml/day
    • Breeders : 30 ml/day Or as per the directions of the veterinarian


Presentation :

  • Powder : 1& 5 kg poly laminated paper bags
  • Liquid : 500ml & 1litre polycontainers