Explanta - Plus

Explanta - Plus

Explanta - Plus is an amalgam of phytochemical bioactives derived from varied herbs to manage and treat post partum complications in animals. It acts as an ecbolic, uterine tonic and Immune modulator. Explanta - Plus treats post partum infertility with primarily helping in expulsion of retained placenta. Explanta - Plus is available both in powder and liquid form.


  • Helps expel retained placenta quickly and effectively
  • For complete and timely removal of lochial discharge
  • Prevents postpartum complications
  • Prevents uterine infections
  • Tones up the uterus

Dosage :

  • Large animals : 200 ml loading dose on day one , followed by 100 ml daily for three days
  • Small animals : 100 ml loading dose on day one followed by 50 ml daily for three days  Or as per the directions of the veterinarian

Presentation : 500 ml & 1 litre polycontainers.